Amino Functional Liquid

amino acid function liquid is use for field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees, Tea leaves and ornamental crops.

Application Crops                                                                                              

Field crops, greenhouse economic crops, fruit trees, Tea leaves and ornamental crops.

Product Feathers                                                           

  • Plant cell signal inducer effectively stimulates cell division and elongation, and it has a remarkable effect on promoting bud differentiation and promoting fruit enlargement. With many kinds of polypeptide amino acid, chlorophyll, secondary and micro element and sugar alcohol chelating technology, it has remarkable control efficiency on physiological disease such as plant etiolation, abscission of fruits caused by nutrient deficiency. The special mechanism of action has a better control effect on tomato chlorotic virus.

  • Organic chelating process, leading to high rate of absorption and utilization .

  • Comprehensive nutrient, quick absorption, root promotion, making the plants strong and promote photosynthesis of plants and retain flowers and fruits. Enhance the coloration and maturation of the fruits. Improve the fruit quality and increase yields.

  • Effectively promote the germination and elongation of pollen tube, It has a very significant effect on promoting bud differentiation.

  • After application, the flower device can be more strong and bright. and protect the fruit, protecting flower and fruit.

Usage & Dosage                                                                  

Foliar application: From young fruit stage to fruit maturation period, dilution 2000-3000times.


1. Stir / shake it well before use.

2. Can mix with many pesticides, but do not mix with strongly alkaline pesticides.

3. Suggest apply in the morning or evening to get better effect.

4. Re-spray if it rains within 6 hours after spraying.  

Packing & Capacity                                                        

200ML, 500ML, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L, IBC TANK


Store in a cool and dry place, keep away from direct light.

Shelf Life                                                                

5 years


技术指标   Tech Property


检测结果Test Result

 外观          Appearance

黑褐色液体 Dark Brown Liquid


 钾含量        Potassium K2O

≥ 320g/L


 磷含量        Phosphate P2O5

≥ 280g/L


 多肽          Polypeptide

≥ 300g/L


 复合氨基酸    Compound Amino Acid

≥ 10g/L


 有机氮        Organic Nitrogen

≥ 5g/L


 有机质        Organic Matter




 Plant Cell Signal Inducer

Appropriate amount

Appropriate amount

 酸碱度        PH





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